Monday, 13 June 2011

Looking Out On The World

Have you ever wondered what your personality would be like if you had been born differently? I always imagine that if I had been born a female, I would love to be with guys all the time, filling their every desire, controlling and using them, and generally being a slut, and if I were to become a woman now, I know that's what would happen. If I had been born a woman, I have no doubt that I would be happy and confident in myself and my sexuality, but I wonder if I would want to the same things, have the same dreams. It's something that I may never know, but that I would love to find out. 
The model is Amy Reid.


  1. I think that I'd appreciate being a woman more if I had the knowledge I used to be a guy. If I'd just been born a girl, I'd probably be super happy anyway, but I'd take my amazing femininity for granted. Now if I got my hands on a girls body, I'd love every minute of it and live out so many fantasies.

    I like your caption btw. The blinds are a nice metaphor, once the transformation is complete you can step out into the big world at last and see it all!